Badger Banter

Strong Governance & FSMA Implementation

May. 03, 2013

The constitutional recognition of the duty of consult with First Nations communities has resulted in major economic development opportunities.  First Nations across Canada are aggressively seeking investors and industry partners to build better communities.  In order to create an attractive investment climate, First Nations need a governance infrastructure that provides confidence for any investment… Read more

Industry & First Nations 'gel'

Apr. 24, 2013

A Westbank consulting company is working to foster partnerships between Industry and First Nations that will strengthen both communities and the economy. 2 Badgers Consulting, builds business practices that are centred on social impact and corporate responsibility for industry sectors that hope to engage in a relationship with Aboriginal people. The company was started by Dion Arnouse a member of… Read more

2Badgers in Aboriginal Marketplace

Mar. 15, 2013

We aim to foster mutually beneficial partnerships between industry and first nations that Will strengthen both the communities and the economy, While cultivating a new set of business practices centred upon social impact and corporate responsibility. Aboriginal communities throughout Canada have continuously struggled to battle the social and economic adversity imparted on them by government and industry… Read more